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 Naughty Rhymes

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PostSubject: Naughty Rhymes   Naughty Rhymes I_icon_minitimeTue 04 May 2010, 11:56 pm

Naughty Rhymes 9936

The grade 5 teacher one day asked the children in her class to make rhymes with their names.

First up was Dan. A very adventurous child.

My name is Dan,
When I grow up to be a man,
I want to go to India and Japan,
If I can, If I can, If I can.

Very good she said to Dan. She then told Sally that it now was her turn.

My name is Sally,
When I grow up to be a lady,
I want to have a baby,
If I can, if I can, if I can.

That is good Sally, she said. But maybe one day you will change your mind. Next up was Sam he was the naughty one in the class.

My name is Sam,
When I grow up to be a man,
Never mind India and Japan,
I gonna help Sally with her plan,
I know I can, I can, I can.

Naughty Rhymes Bestfriendavinash

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Naughty Rhymes
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